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Happy Hearts

Pediatric Therapy

Speech, Language, and Feeding Services for Little Ones

Happy Hearts Pediatric Therapy provides home and community-based services in the areas of speech, language and feeding.



Hannah Joy Harrison, MS, CCC-SLP 

I am a neurodiversity-affirming pediatric speech therapist with a passion for working with families who want to help their children develop in a way that respects their individuality and autonomy. I work with parents to honor each family and child's unique needs by working from their strengths and interests. 


Treatment Sessions
at home or in the community


Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy aims to help children who experience difficulties with feeding and swallowing by identifying the underlying causes and providing targeted interventions such as dietary adjustments, oral motor exercises, and sensory adjustment therapy.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy sessions are primarily play-based, child-led services with a strong focus on parent-coaching and fostering a strong connection between parent and child. This is the foundation for language growth in very young children. 

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